Building mesa without X11

By default, Mesa appears to be quite insistent on building against X libraries. Because etnaviv is going to be an embedded GL driver, I don't want to pull the whole X11 shebang in. From the error messages it is not entirely clear how to proceed without X libs and build it, for example, for framebuffer only.

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Over the last four months, I have been working on reverse engineering the Vivante GPU present on many ARM SoCs such as the Freescale i.mx6, Marvell Dove, and Rockchip 2918 (just for fun, after a five-year hiatus from reverse engineering GPUs since decuda).

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Doxygen docs for bitcoin and doom3-gpl

Recently I discovered the wonders of Doxygen (by ASML colleague Dimitri van Heesch). As that tool generates cross-reference links and even diagrams, it helps a lot in getting an overview of source code, quicker than browsing it in Github or in an IDE.

I have generated and uploaded doxygen documentation for Bitcoin and the Doom 3 GPL source code that was released yesterday. Have fun browsing.

(the documentation will be automatically regenerated every day from the master branch)

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Changing tab icons in Konsole

Today I was looking for a way to change the color of tabs in the KDE console, Konsole, to make it apparent to which remote host they are connected through SSH. This was possible in 3.5, but no longer in 4.x. However, I discovered something more awesome: it is possible to change the tab icons (small icons next to the title) using an escape sequence.

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Unbricking the Belkin F5L049

In my last post I found out how to enter the bootloader, and execute some debugging commands through a serial console. However, it appears that the only way to write to the flash with the bootloader is with a proprietary protocol over raw ethernet with an unknown ethertype (0x8813). I have reverse-engineered it and written a flasher utility: sxflash (in their quest to make the bootloader as minimal as possible they decided not to simply go with TFTP over IP like most routers)...

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