Imported back-catalogue

I’ve finally imported the posts from my old blog on, so that I can retire it and make it a redirect here. I’ve carefully tried to keep the slugs the same so that content will appear in the same place. This was partially manual work. Some links and formatting may be broken, either during the process or due to bit rot over time (the oldest posts are from 2010!). Let me know (or submit a pull request on github) if this is the case…

Also the site organization is quite broken at the moment. Posts and pages appear in one giant list. Categories and tags (even though I’ve ported them over) are absent. At some point I should learn how to Jekyll.

Note: github has problems with “:” in slug names. I had to remove it from two pages or it wouldn’t build on github (though it would build locally.) Well, too bad.

Written on September 6, 2016
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