Etnaviv: MSAA working!

All the MSAA (Multi-sampling anti-aliasing) crash bugs appear to have been resolved, and every game I tried it with works! As the GCW Zero has a 320 by 240 screen, it is a prime candidate for anti-aliasing.

quake with MSAA 1x

quake with MSAA 2x

quake with MSAA 4x

In case a game doesn't have a configuration option to set MSAA, it can be forced through debug flags in the following way

# Force MSAA 2x
export ETNA_DEBUG="msaa2x"
# Force MSAA 4x
export ETNA_DEBUG="msaa4x"

There is a small penalty to the frame rate when enabling MSAA, but as most of the (older) games on GCW appear to be vertex or CPU limited, it is acceptable.

Written on September 10, 2013
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