Etnaviv status update 2

The etna_viv repository has been a bit silent for the last few days. This certainly does not mean that I stopped working on it, but I had to do some other things first to be able to proceed with development.

GK802 Ubuntu

Setting up my GK802 device to be an Ubuntu PC, so that I can experiment with OpenCL on GC2000 was non-trivial and involves some fiddly bits with attaching serial (see also GK802 pinout), and compiling plus dd'ing a custom U-boot and kernel to the internal SD. Thanks a lot to hste, jas_hacks and abrasive in #imx6-dongle on Freenode IRC (developer community for freescale i.mx6 HDMI dongles).

I've already figured out some of the CL state. The etna_viv disassembler currently does have trouble dissecting the new instructions, so that will be next on my list in this regard.


Learned about the Gallium source code and TGSI. I have been looking at some shaders in TGSI format to see how they compare to Vivante native assembly. I've also integrated the TGSI parsing from the Gallium tree into etna_viv, to set up a sandbox for playing around with conversion of (at first) floating point and branching instructions.

Written on March 9, 2013
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