Bricked F5L049, continued

I connected a FTDI USB to TTL 3.3v serial cable to the serial header on the device, and managed to get into the bootloader by a magic trick (holding the reset button at power-on and immediately releasing it). Using minicom, I got a kind of debug shell...

HEAP: addr=800740C0 size=03F8BF40
Hello, this is CREAM for AR9130! [LOADER]
'CAKE' CREAM Kernel debugger Ver 1.4.2
'HeDEB' Heap debugger Ver 1.0.0
'DISH' Debugging shell Version 2.5.0
DISH>lx lx

MAC address 00:22:75:6B:76:38
***** NIC Initialize Start *****
***** AR9130 Initialize Start *****
NIC:PHY Mode...[00]<<

Interesting! I've never heard of the CREAM/CAKE debugger before, and Google is no help either. This must be some proprietary Silex product. It at least has a HELP command. As far as I see there is no command to erase/change the flash though (read/write normal memory is possible); this probably has to be done through the network. Then again, together with JTAG the way to debugging the crashed firmware is open.

Written on June 4, 2010